Advantages of Pre-filled Packaging compared to Cartridge Bottles

Pre-filled syringe Packaging

Figure 1: Pre-filled Packaging (What is Pre-filled Packaging)

Why do we choose pre-filled packaging?

Pre-filled packaging, also known as single-use and disposable packaging, effectively avoids the contamination caused by leakage, backflow, needle breakage, and rubber stopper particles in cartridge bottles.

Advantages of Pre-filled Packaging compared to Cartridge Bottles

Figure 2: The first issue is leakage: Cartridge bottles are prone to leakage due to multiple injections, pressure, inertia, and the use of 4mm needles. On the other hand, our pre-filled packaging can flexibly adjust the injection depth and has an exclusive 5mm needle penetration depth, eliminating the risk of leakage.

The second issue is backflow: Cartridge bottle solutions require a force of 30-35N during injection. After reaching the set dose, backflow can occur, leading to the problem of backflow. On the contrary, pre-filled packaging is single-use and disposable, eliminating the risk of backflow.


The third issue is the excessive pursuit of fine needle tips, which can lead to the risk of needle breakage. Some real images clearly show the phenomenon of backflow after the injection of cartridge bottle solutions. Microscopic backflow is difficult to detect with the naked eye and can easily cause contamination by residual medication. On the other hand, Ansumeng solutions use pre-filled packaging, which is safe with a single-use and disposable system.


As we all know, the common dosage of cartridge bottle solutions is 30IU. However, the dosage for pediatric patients varies based on age and weight. Many children may need to receive two injections every few days, resulting in a significant psychological burden over the course of a year. Pre-filled water solutions, with a single-use and disposable system, are very safe and convenient.

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