Glass Prefilled Syringe Filling Machine

PFS-2 Prefilled Syringe Vacuum Filling And Stoppering Machine

This product is an automatic packaging equipment for aseptic and high-efficiency filling syringes specially designed by our company for prefilled syringes. The equipment runs smoothly, is easy to operate, is equipped with an intelligent detection device, has a high degree of automation, and is easy to maintain. It is an ideal equipment for filling and stoppering prefilled syringes.

PFS-2 Prefilled Syringe Vacuum Filling And Stoppering Machine

Key benefits

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GMP standard

The contact part is made of SUS316L stainless steel and medical silicone rubber, which meets the requirements of GMP regulations.

Accurate & stable

The ceramic plunger pump realizes quantitative filling, is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and has high filling accuracy.

widely applicable

Widely used in BD, BG, SCF (prefilled syringe) syringes, other types of syringes can also be customized.

no drip

The injection needle is filled with rising liquid level to prevent the liquid medicine from splashing.


Auto loading conveyor

Just place the full box of syringes in the conveyor to save labor

Loading syringe tube

Hang the syringe on the bottle comb plate together with the fetal membrane at one time


Slide enter

Automatically enter the filling dial row by row from the slide. The dial rotates intermittently and feeds at a time. Insert a syringe into the dial wheel and turn it to the corresponding work station.

filling pump

Controlled by peristaltic pump, double needle filling, high precision and easy cleaning.


Vacuum stoppering of the syringe

The rubber stopper is arranged by the oscillator.A stopper rod first takes the rubber stopper on the stopper rod On the upper side, the stopper rod is integrated with a vacuum body, and at the same time, the syringe is pressed down to seal and vacuum, and then the stopper rod is added to the liquid level of the syringe.

Technical Parameters

Applicable Materials

Liquid and ointment

Applicable Syringe Specifications


Number of Filling Heads


Number of Capping Heads

Filling Accuracy


Production Capacity

1200-1800 p/h

Total Power



380V/220V 50-60Hz

Compressed Air

0.55-0.75Mpa 15L/S



Total Weight


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The use of prefilled syringes helps reduce injection preparation steps, potentially reducing the risk of medical errors by medical professionals and the risk of microbial contamination.

Pre-filled syringe can be used for patients who are not suitable for oral medication. Pre-filled syringe can be used for drugs not suitable for oral use.
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