Rotary Rod Labeling Machine

SrynLa-110 Vertical Rotary Rod Labeling Machine

Vertical rotary rod labeling machineyesIcompanyTake the syringe as the object A device developed.The device is fully automaticFinishRotary Rod Labeling、Coding or laser printingbatch number,A series of actions such as the production date realize the rotation and labeling of the syringe.This equipment has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, simple operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, stable rotary rod, fast labeling speed, flat and beautiful labeling, strong adaptability, etc., and can adjust the labeling speed according to the filling speed of the previous process. Stepless speed regulation ensures that the machine can be used alone or in line with other machines. It is an ideal choice for syringe rotary rod labeling.

LT-XTJ100 Vertical rotary rod labeling machine

Key benefits

Top Suppliers Based China-LeadTop.

Intelligent control

Automatic photoelectric tracking, with the functions of no object no labeling, no label automatic deviation correction and label automatic detection.

Accurate & stable

Internationally well-known electrical components are used to implement non-interference modular control.

widely applicable

variousDimension syringes can be used universally by mold or adjustment mechanism.


It can be configured with automatic feeding function, hot coding/coding function, and realizes real-time printing functions such as feeding and printing batch numbers.

Technical Parameters

Be applicablePackaging material


Applicable specifications

1ml long/1-3ml/5ml/10ml/20ml

(Need to replace specification parts)

Needle outer diameter


Needle length


label length


label height


Maximum outer diameter of label roll


Label Core Inner Diameter


Sheet Label Interval


Label thickness


Backing paper thickness


production capacity

40-65branch /minute

total power



380V 50Hz

compressed air




complete machineweight


LT-XTJ100 Vertical rotary rod labeling machine (1)
LT-XTJ100 Vertical rotary rod labeling machine (2) (1)
LT-XTJ100 Vertical rotary rod labeling machine (3)
syringe labeling machine

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The use of prefilled syringes helps reduce injection preparation steps, potentially reducing the risk of medical errors by medical professionals and the risk of microbial contamination.

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